Our services

What we do


We provide counselling and psychotherapy mainly for the Irish community in Britain.

We are committed to providing therapy for people who find it hard to access help, including those on low incomes and facing disadvantage.

We have more than 20 years’ experience in offering culturally sensitive psychotherapy.

Every week we see about 200 people across all our services.

We offer therapy through our services in London and Birmingham. We also provide remote and telephone therapy. 

We have specialist expertise in supporting people who have suffered childhood trauma, including survivors of institutional abuse.

We provide a national service for adult survivors of institutional abuse.

We offer one to one therapy in London and Birmingham. This includes in person therapy as well as therapy by video call or telephone depending on your needs and availability.

Group therapy can help us to understand ourselves better. It can be particularly helpful when we want to improve our relationships with others.


We offer a range of community services in London and Birmingham. These groups and services take place during the day and are free to attend.


We offer face to face therapy in London (Finsbury Park) and Birmingham. We also offer therapy in the community in partnership with Birmingham Irish Association (Birmingham), Ashford Place and Lewisham Irish Community Centre (London). We can also offer therapy by telephone and video call (Zoom).


Supporting Your Staff

Icap is offering a range of free and confidential support services to staff members and volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the current crisis, staff members in Irish organisations are providing a huge range of vital support to the community throughout the UK.

With clients experiencing financial hardship, increased social isolation, enforced separation from family and loved ones and the significant health issues which place many clients in the high risk category, support staff are under considerable pressure.

Staff members may also be supporting those who have been bereaved and who do not have the comfort of traditional gatherings and to mourn and to celebrate the lives of those they have lost. Many support staff and volunteers may be facing similar bereavements in their own lives.

We are offering a range of staff support services specifically targeted towards people in these roles, who may be finding their own resilience tested by the inevitable emotional and practical challenges of the work.

We have a range of therapists working in London, Birmingham and across the country, many of whom are experienced in offering non-therapy support to staff members and those working in welfare agencies.

All of our practitioners are registered with UKCP, BCP or BACP.

If you work with us on a regular basis, we will ensure that you receive support from one of our team who is not known to you.

This is a self-referral service providing free, confidential support. It is not aiming to provide psychotherapy but to help build and maintain emotional resilience and to provide a safe space to talk about any issues which may be causing anxiety and distress.

The service is available to staff members and volunteers in all UK based ESP funded Irish agencies. There is no charge to the staff member, the volunteer,  nor to the agency.

 To use this service email info@icap.org.uk  with you name and a contact number, using the header staff support. Once we receive your message, you will be contacted by a member of our therapist team.

We can also offer support on a team basis by Zoom. If you would like to discuss your team’s needs, please email Geraldine@icap.org.uk and we will be in touch with you.

This service is available to all staff and volunteer teams working in UK based ESP funded agencies.

Leaders and managers face particular challenges at this time. This service offers one to one support to those in leadership and management positions who are finding their resilience and coping abilities strained in these most challenging of circumstances.

This service is available to all managers and directors working in UK based ESP funded agencies.

If you would like to avail of this service, please contact geraldine@icap.org.uk