Counselling and Therapy

one to one


Counselling and psychotherapy can help you find ways to understand and manage problems and crises in your life.

Therapy can help if you have had traumatic childhood experiences such as abuse and neglect which may be having an impact on you in the present. Therapy can help you understand the link between distressing experiences in the past and unhelpful patterns of behaving in the present.

You may be seeking therapy because you’re feeling anxious, depressed, stressed, lonely overwhelmed or angry.

You may be having difficulties in your relationship, experiencing loss or struggling with addictions. You may be feeling overwhelmed and finding it hard to cope or you may simply feel that you would like some time and space to reflect on your life.

We recognise that many factors shape our life experiences such as where we were born, our sexual orientation, class, disabilities and so on. We take account of this in our work.

Each therapy is unique and individual to you.


We offer face to face therapy in London (Finsbury Park).

We also offer therapy in the community in partnership with Birmingham Irish Association (Birmingham), Ashford Place and Lewisham Irish Community Centre (London). We can also offer therapy by telephone and video call (Zoom).

What people say?

It has allowed me to access a service that I would not otherwise be able to afford. The service provided has helped me immensely by the therapist listening in a non-judgmental manner, giving me skills and techniques to apply to my daily life to help me get out of a bad headspace
icap client