Group therapy can help us to understand ourselves better. It can be particularly helpful when we want to improve our relationships with others.

Many people find it helpful to talk with others who have had similar experiences.

In a group there may be up to eight regular members who meet weekly for 90 minutes with a trained group therapist.

You will meet several times with the therapist who runs the group.

Making Mondays is an online art therapy group for Irish adults living across Britain. Aiming to reduce isolation, this weekly group is a place to connect with others while exploring social, cultural and inter-generational themes. Art therapy is not dependent on spoken language and can therefore provide a useful way to express difficult emotions. You do not have to make art to attend this group.

We are currently (November ‘22) setting up a weekly psychotherapy group.

icap runs a weekly psychotherapy group in Finsbury Park, London.

What people say?

It has allowed me to access a service that I would not otherwise be able to afford. The service provided has helped me immensely by the therapist listening in a non-judgmental manner, giving me skills and techniques to apply to my daily life to help me get out of a bad headspace
icap client