Help organise an event


Get stuck in and volunteer some time to help with a specific fundraiser or a series of events across the year.

Help organise an event

You can look to get involved with the fundraising committee or simply volunteer on the night for a one-off event. We are happy to chat through the options with you if you get in touch or come along to an event in the diary to get a feel for icap and we can take it from there.

Corporate volunteering

Maybe your company / employer allows you to spend a couple of days each year under its CSR programme to volunteer at a local charity? We would love if you choose to spend your corporate volunteering days with us. Volunteer on your own or as part of a team. In the past, companies have contributed by offering specialist advice and support. This has included offering IT support, redecorating our therapy rooms, or volunteering to help organise an event.

Share your skills

Do you have certain skills, knowledge and experience which could benefit icap? It could be that you are an IT whizz, graphics design guru or marketing expert. It might be that you are not sure what you can offer but reaching out and having a chat could help us both to figure that out.

For more information on the volunteering at our events, please contact the events team.

What our supporters say

“icap has been a fantastic opportunity, not just because it allows me to support a hugely important cause that I care about. Since joining icap’s development committee, I’ve learned about everything from organising events, to networking, to social media. And, along the way, I’ve met interesting, likeminded people who share my interest in icap’s work.”
Alison McGardle
Consultant, Teneo