Any of us can be affected by emotional trauma, at any point in our lives, and so anyone can benefit from therapy at icap. It can be useful if you are suffering as the result of a one-off situation, like the loss of a job or a relationship, or can be used to cope with more long term challenges, such as addiction to drugs or alcohol, or to help with the impact of early childhood experiences. You may find yourself repeating patterns which cause you distress, but be unable to understand why this is so, or to make the changes you need to make to be able to move forward.

To begin a therapy, for anyone, is an act of courage. For somebody who has experienced ill treatment, neglect or abuse, it is a leap of faith into a relationship, when relationships may have been where the abuse and neglect took place.

Our therapists help clients who are often grieving for the lives they didn’t have; they listen to their stories, sometimes for the first time. Throughout the therapy, they nourish the capacity to hope which each of our clients brings with them, sometimes against enormous odds.

An evaluation of our service by Professor Peter Fonagy and the Anna Freud Clinic has shown that icap’s therapy significantly improved its clients’ mental health. It was found that our work significantly reduced symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, self-harming behaviours, drug and alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety. This was found to be especially true of our work with people who were deemed ‘hard to reach’ cases. Click here to read more.

icap also has specialist experience in working with people who have had early childhood experiences of abuse or neglect. Some of our clients come to us as a result on the abuse suffered by over 30,000 Irish children in institutions in Ireland, 10,000 of whom are now estimated to be resident in Britain (The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse (Ireland), 2000)