1/3 of our clients are men and 2/3 are women

Evidence has shown that rates of suicide, attempted suicides and undetermined deaths for Irish men resident in England are double that of the rate for all men.

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Half of our clients are aged 50+

Many immigrants arrived in the UK during the 1950s and 60s seeking employment prospects, and hoping to improve their quality of life. Some have struggled to adjust to life over here, particularly in cases where they emigrated as individuals, without a family unit. Now these people find themselves older and isolated in the UK.

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1 in 10 of our clients is under 35

The recent recession has led to a new surge in younger people migrating to the UK in search of work, particularly from Ireland after the collapse of the Celtic Tiger economy. Many are highly educated and starting off in well paid careers, but in some cases having to adapt to a new life in unfamiliar surroundings can lead these young people to experience mental distress. We have also found that the children and grandchildren of Irish migrants often need to access therapy at icap in order to deal with emotional issues such as identity conflicts and relational difficulties linked to being carriers of the trauma experienced by their parents.

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89% of our clients are of Irish descent

Despite being founded to support the mental health needs of the Irish in Britain, we recognise that emotional difficulties can affect anybody, from any background, at any time in their life. By promoting good mental health and wellbeing in a way that is accessible and affordable; our skilled therapists are able to help people from all social, economic, and ethnic groups to recover emotional well-being and to rebuild their lives. Our particular understanding of culturally-sensitive counselling and psychotherapy has meant that, as well as supporting our Irish client base, we also help a number of people from other migrant communities.

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40% of our clients are survivors of institutional abuse

A number of our clients have suffered horrific abuse or neglect as children at the hands of Ireland’s institutions. Many survivors of institutional abuse migrated to Britain, and they and their families often carry the scars of these deeply traumatic experiences.