collage8If you decide to contact icap with a view to starting therapy, you will first need to register your details over the phone with one of our clinical administrators. At this stage you will not need to disclose any details about why you have chosen to seek help, we simply need your name, address etc.

A form will then be sent to you, along with a pre-addressed envelope, for you to fill in and return to us. This form asks for more detailed information about your background and why you have decided to start receiving therapy. Any information you give us will only be seen by our clinical managers. Alternatively you can download and fill in this form from here, and return it to (please click here to check that icap is able to help you before doing this).

You will be given an appointment for an initial meeting where you will be able to talk to a therapist about your situation and agree on the next steps. After your initial appointment, if this is right for you, you can begin regular therapy sessions with an icap therapist.

We are committed as an organisation to finding the best way through therapy for you as an individual. If these initial stages of beginning therapy take a few weeks, it is because we are waiting to find the most suitable therapist, or the most suitable therapy time, for you. There are also the options of group therapy, couples therapy, and telephone sessions available to particular cases.

icap is a self-referral service, so we are not under any obligation to confer with your GP on any information you may give us. However, we do ask that you are registered with a GP before you register for our services.

The issues you bring to therapy will be confidential between you and the therapist unless there are concerns that might mean you or another person could be at serious risk. Any concerns regarding confidentiality and risk will be explored with you fully at assessment and during therapy.