On Thursday 4th May, our CEO Catherine Hennessy spoke at the Global Irish Civic Forum. Taking place at the Dublin Castle, Catherine discussed the mental health needs of the Irish Community.

Please read this summary of the event from the Global Irish Civic Forum:

The theme of the Civic Forum was ‘Communities, Connections, Conversations‘ and it provided an opportunity for those supporting the Irish diaspora abroad to come to Dublin to discuss their work with these communities and engage with Government. The Forum was a mixture of plenary discussions and workshops, with speakers primarily from Irish diaspora orgnasiations and also from Government, technology companies and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

This second Civic Forum attracted significant attention with more than 220 individuals, representing over 150 organisations, attending over the two days. Attendance at the Civic Forum was open to all organisations working with Irish communities abroad. In many cases these organisations are also receiving funding under the Irish Government’s Emigrant support Programme.

More information about this important event can be found here.