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What do our therapists say about us?

“I have been an icap therapist since 2000 and have witnessed many changes over the years. However, the essence of icap in my view has remained unchanged. Its capacity to welcome and adapt to a wide range of clientele make it an invaluable resource for the many damaged and lost individuals who come here, often tired and without hope. Personally, I consider it to be a privilege to be part of this, at times, life-changing organisation. The therapists work with a commitment and professionalism to encourage and support the clients, balanced with a care and compassion that offers real possibility for change.”

Patricia Danagher, icap Therapist

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“We don’t offer advice, or opinions, or judgement. We listen, learn, and respect the emotional truth of what we hear. Our clients come to trust the security of our knowing together, and from this comes understanding, healing, and growth.

In an initial assessment I met a woman in her 50s whose life had been a constant experience of deprivation and abuse, I asked: “how have you managed to be still here, still hoping for things to be better?”

She said: “the will to survive. And love – but love as a yearning for something. You can find it in anything: books; dreams; images.”

We aim to engage with this will, nurture that love, and transform survival into potential for self and future generations. We address trans-generational trauma: injustices of history, personal and political. We try to make the buck stop with icap.

Heather Allan, icap Therapist

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‘Many of the clients we work with have been let down by others throughout their life experiencing abuse, discrimination, loss and other painful and distressing events, often with roots in early life events. This may make it difficult to trust, and part of the work of therapy is to enable clients to gradually build up a sense of belief and trust in the world again, working at their own pace and in their own way. We aim to facilitate this by creating a respectful space to allow people to grow and develop, building on their strengths and abilities which may not initially be evident particularly to themselves. This can be slow delicate work particularly with people who have been most hurt. It is important to acknowledge how difficult this can be and to be aware it can take time and patience all of which must be built into the work and the developing relationship between icap, the therapist and the client.’

Sheila Hegarty, icap Therapist


What do our supporters say about us?

‘As President of Ireland I have had the opportunity to visit many Irish organisations in Britain and have been deeply impressed at the outstanding support network they have created for the Irish community. icap is an integral part of this network, providing frontline services and assistance for those who are vulnerable and distressed. The work they do for our wider Irish family, at particularly traumatic and troubled times in their lives, is invaluable and deeply appreciated. icap is an organisation of which I am proud to be Patron, and I thank you for the vital support you provide to the Irish community in Britain.’

A word from our Patron, Michael D Higgins, President of Ireland

Global Irish Civic Forum 2015

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‘Galliard Homes are honoured to support the sterling work of icap, who every day help those in need with care and courtesy; providing clients with the therapy and tools to deal with depression, anxiety and extreme stress allowing them to ultimately move on with their lives’.

Donagh O’Sullivan, MD of Galliard Homes


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‘I have seen for myself the incredible work that they do and how devoted the therapists are to ensuring the best possible counselling is provided to those in need’

Phil Cusack, Co-owner of LIRFC


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‘We are proud to support icap and their work with some of the most vulnerable in our Irish community in Britain and look forward to many more fundraising initiatives which have proved to be such an enjoyable way of supporting the charity’s work.’

John McVeigh, Director of Instalcom Ltd.