icap (Immigrant Counselling & Psychotherapy) is a registered charity, with clinical centres in Finsbury Park, London, and Digbeth, Birmingham. We were originally founded to meet the mental health needs of Irish immigrants resident in Britain, and still work largely with this group; both those who have settled here and those who have arrived more recently. We also work with people of Irish heritage.

Our expertise and interest in culturally sensitive psychotherapy also enables us to offer an effective service to other immigrant communities.

For nearly 20 years icap has been a supportive, safe environment for some of the most fragile and isolated people in Britain. As an organisation, we pride ourselves on our kindness and our sensitivity. Our clients come first in all we do. We understand that seeking help to cope with depression or other emotional difficulties can still carry a social stigma, and we recognise that this can have an impact on the people who come to see us. We challenge this with the acknowledgement that most of us at some point in our lives will experience challenges and difficulties and that seeking therapy is a sign of health rather than a cause for concern.


Our capacity to offer culturally-specific therapy makes icap different from many other therapy providers. Within our work there is an understanding that our clients’ lives are lived within a social and historical context, and that understanding the individual means also having an understanding of their particular journey.

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