icap was founded in 1996 by Teresa Gallagher.

When she began working in the UK, Teresa realised that there was a strong stigma attached to mental ill health amongst the Irish community, particularly in older Irish women and men. Depression and anxiety were often denied or minimised, and help only sought when ‘feeling a bit down’ had turned into a major mental health crisis or condition. Teresa founded icap to encourage these people to address their issues in a safe and non-judgemental environment. icap has been successful in tackling this strong stigma through its culturally sensitive therapeutic approach coupled with strong partnerships with Irish welfare organisations, alcohol and mental health services for nearly 20 years.


Today icap is one of the few culturally-specific counselling and psychotherapy service available to this group of people. We have grown from a one woman operation into two therapy centres in London and the West Midlands, as well as a nationwide network of therapists and partner organisations. Last year we carried out 10,000 therapy sessions across the UK.

We have found that therapy which takes into account the many challenges people may face whilst making their lives here in Britain can help people to cope with a whole range of difficulties.